17 simple ways to save money for driving

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When your only income is your student loan, maybe

The sad truth, however, is that depending on where you live and if you have to travel to a youth, you have a car-it's just a necessary expense that needs to be forked for

Fortunately, there are many ways you can reduce your monthly motors. Studies have even found you can save

How to reduce the cost of ownership of a car

Keep the tires on

With low tyre pressure, "brake" is increasing (this is physics, please don't ask us to explain because we can't). It makes the car use more fuel, not to mention it's pretty dangerous

Convincing that your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure (you will find it in the user's guide or display on the inside door of your car), you can

Believe it or not, the air is not always free, and some petrol stations charge inflation for inflation in the tyres, so make sure you wake up to fill in in advance! You don't want to spend cash

Go slowly and consistently

No matter how much fun this is, you're next Lewis Hamilton, there's gonna be a lot of money behind the wheel. And, of course, the speed limit is dangerous, illegal, and can see you fine too!

You can use the 80mph handlebar

Maintaining a more consistent speed, rather than a constant acceleration and deceleration, also saves gas consumption (plus, it is also much less annoying all around you)

Don't use too many brakes

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While we certainly do not advise you to avoid using your brakes, be aware that excessive use can increase fuel consumption. Staying at a safe distance from the driver in the front and anticipating the junction means that you can facilitate the work of the accelerator, not the cotton on the brakes

Also, avoid using your brakes at speed. The brake at the rigid level shall be accelerated faster at the speed at which the petrol load is used. Try to keep it

This may seem pretty obvious

For example, you are legally obliged

Follow the expiration date of your license on the card-if you travel with an expired card, you can finish by using

Pay tax on the car every year

There are several different payment options for your car tax, and some are cheaper than others

If you choose to pay for direct debit every six months or a month, usually

If you can't afford to pay for all this, the other option is to establish order to pay your parents, not the tax man, and ask them to pay well for it on your behalf

Obviously, this option doesn't suit everyone, but if you do

Keep your ILO cheap

As you may or may not know, by law you must get your car MOT ' d

First, give the car one time before you take it to see if there's anything you can do

It is also true that some of the garages offered by the ILO may say that you need a job and another say that you have gone-it depends only on whether they have a quiet day or they need additional business

Your best option is to take the car to a smaller one

Don't cluttered up your car

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Yeah, we know we sound like your parents on this, but having a car that doubles as a bin is not just gross, it's also an extra weight and the money you're going to use

Fuel efficiency

If you are an output type with a roof, consider that you unscrew it when it is not used, as it might even add to the weight that your machine is carrying

Find out how to change gear

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We know that you probably have all the transfer to the account

Don't work your engine. Like a rough guide, try to stay

Get the cheapest gasoline deal

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Perhaps the most obvious way to cut costs is to make sure that the gasoline you buy is cheaper in the first place

The purchase of petrol at night or early in the morning is also more economical. Since this is colder time, the pump is more compact, so you get more for your money

Some petrol stations will offer a wide range of transactions and loyalty schemes. For example, Tesco often carries out advertising offerings, according to which certain spending at the store will receive a discount (usually 5p-ish per litre) at its gas station

All major fuel brands have

Make sure you have the best insurance

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Like our full leadership

For young people, it is true that car insurance is very expensive, but choice of alternative policy

Besides, don't forget a decent one

Do not enter the red (or upper part of the tank)

For many student drivers, seeing how far you can get with a gasoline scale in red is a useful skill for the master. But maybe it's not surprising that it's not a great idea!

Driving with a small amount of fuel in the tank makes him run even faster, and it will never be good (let' s hope

It can also cause damage to your car's fuel pump, as it has to work much harder to suck gasoline out of the tank and can suck shrapnel and dirt in the process

Similarly, do not fill your tank directly to the top if you can help. The fuel is heavy, so the more you have more, the more you'll be burning. Hold it

I'm confused with A/C and windows

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It's a classic 22: use of your air conditioner (if your car is a moment to have it) can be used before

If you really can't handle it, it's the best way to do it

The Panel has made a claim for the loss of the property

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If you are not lucky enough to experience damage to your car because of the fighting on the road, do not worry-you do not have to lose any bonus to pay for it!

If the path you have scored by more than 40 mm, you laugh; if it is less, you can still argue, but it might be more difficult to fight your case

Note that in order for them to cough up cash, you will need it

Stop the gas evaporation

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It's a depressing fact, but it could actually be gasoline

Whatever it is, make sure you have a gasoline hat

Avoid traffic

We are sure that avoiding traffic is something that you may do in any case, for your health more than but to add insult to injury, a small car, stuck in traffic, can use up to

Avoid deadlocks, plan ahead and avoid hour-long and stressful roads (duh). Sometimes you find that the use of road A and B will cause you to move faster, because they are likely to be free, and the lack of traffic means you will be slowing down less and more efficiently using the fuel

If you're stuck in a pickle and you think you'll be motionless for more than two minutes, turn off the engine

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If you don't want to drive regularly, you should consider joining the auto club instead of having cash to control your wheels. You could have done more dough

Automobile clubs allow you to pay a membership fee to gain access to cars in your area, and you only cough up cash on a paid basis.

If you are planning a long-distance trip, you might want to try the car swap scheme

If you use your car every day to get to work or from work or without me, why don't you do some research and find out if there's anyone else, what do you know, do the same journey every day and offer to share the price of gasoline on a ski lift? It is

Use of alternative modes of transport

It is a good luxury, but constant warming of your car for short trips in gasoline, as you would not believe-plus it is very bad for the planet!

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